Do you accept insurance? 

Yes. I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna PPO plans.

How much does therapy cost?

If you prefer to pay out of pocket, please call or email me regarding payment.  For those experiencing economic hardship, sliding scale fees are available during off peak hours, i.e. late morning and early afternoon.

How long will I be in therapy? 

Your initial intake session will last 60 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes long.  Most individuals attend one weekly session for a period of months. While it is difficult to predict how long treatment may last, an initial commitment of 8-16 sessions is typically appropriate.

Do you prescribe medication?

I am not a medical doctor or psychiatric nurse, therefore I am not able to prescribe medication. I will work with you to find a psychiatrist who can assist you with psychiatric medication, should we decide that medication may be helpful for you.

What if you ask me something that I don't want to talk about?

I will never force you to talk about a topic that you feel unable or uncomfortable discussing. Good therapy involves trust and safety - feelings that are easy for some, and very difficult for others. You can expect to open up at a pace that feels best for you, without pressure.

What are the confidentiality rules (especially for the teens)?

I am bound by law to keep anything you report to me private, unless you are a threat to yourself or someone else. Child or elder neglect or abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) will also be reported. If a teenage client is under 18 and reports dangerous, life threatening activity, I am mandated to report this activity to their parent(s) or legal guardian.

Any teenager 12 years of age or older may request and receive counseling services or psychotherapy on an outpatient basis without their parent’s consent. Therapy provided to anyone under the age of 17 will be limited to not more than 5 sessions, with each session lasting not more than 45 minutes, until the consent of the parent or guardian is obtained.  The teen's parents shall not be informed without the consent of the minor unless I believe such disclosure is necessary.